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Weight loss tips:

Weight loss tips

W E I G H T   L O S S   T I P S 

10 Weight Loss Tips

1. Motivation Guaranteed:
Climb in and out of a pair of your old XXL pants.

2. Reward Yourself:
For every kilo you lose give yourself a treat, for example flowers, a cinema ticket or a visit to the beautician.

3. Work Wonders:
Place photos of yourself at “heavier times” in the fridge next to the snacks – you’ll be able to resist all temptation.

4. Boost Your Morale:
After weighing, plot your weight loss on a graph and watch that curve go down.

5. Distract Yourself:
Don’t wait to start eating out of boredom – jump into the bath with a good whodunnit instead.

6. Search out Allies
Exchange experiences with others who are also trying to lose weight, for example at our diet forum.

7. Learn Control:
Tell friends and family that you’re on a diet so that they will support you and not serve up your favourite food.

8. Enough is Enough:
Clear away food as soon as you’ve finished eating. If you’re the sort who likes to munch on leftovers, take a hold of yourself.

9. Jog:
Run up and down stairs several times – movement deadens sharp hunger attacks.

10. Allow yourself dessert:
Order a sorbet in a restaurant – sweet and low in fat. Then have another scoop.