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Strunz Diet:

Strunz Diet

S T R U N Z   D I E T 

This diet was named after none other than Dr. Ulrich Strunz.
The Strunz diet is based on a combination of a very healthy eating style and a lot of endurance exercise.
The diet recommends lots of fruit, vegetables and low fat protein sources.
Endurance exercise gives a powerful boost to the metabolism so that calories can be burned up with optimum efficiency.
Herr Strunz recommends running (jogging) as the best exercise as this uses around 70% of all muscles.
Anyone engaging in regular endurance exercise will soon discover that the body (according to Herr Strunz) starts automatically starts needing more and more carbohydrates and proteins and less fats.
Dr Ulrich Strunz recommends fasting and increased vitamin and mineral rich foods as the best way forward for overweight people.
The Strunz diet is recommended as a long-term diet since it is high in vitamins and minerals and there are no known side effects.