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Eat Half As Much:

Eat Half As Much

FdH, “Friss die Halfte” (German for “Eat Half As Much”) isn’t a diet in the real sense of the word, though the abbreviation is generally well known.
“Friss die Halfte” relates to eating habits and states that we should only eat half as much as we do.
This diet is however a long way from promoting good health, and though many people feel it suits them, the purpose of a diet should not be to eat half a pizza, chocolate bar or something else just as unhealthy.
This type of diet can also have a yoyo effect because after losing the weight you simply go back to demolishing a whole pizza again.
You don’t learn the art of healthy eating, so no life lessons here.
You can only lose weight quickly if you eat healthy foods, take exercise and drink lots of water or other fluids. Eating only half as much is like having a salad in one hand and the yoyo effect in the other.