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Atkins Diet:

Atkins Diet

A T K I N S   D I E T 

Dr. Atkins already into the 1960er years suggested and after him designated (Atkins Diet) Dietform reduces coal hydrates of the nutrition at the beginning against zero and uses fat as well as protein as main source of energy. This beginning is, in opinion of the advocates of the Atkins Diet, which bodies force to transform fat for power production into keton. The keton are consulted for the power production. Thus only a small part of the keton set free from the fat is actually separated. The Atkins Diet belongs to LowCarb. In April 2003 the renowned science magazine journal OF American Medical Association published the first data evaluation from 96 relevant studies (2,503 articles would not fulfill the necessary criteria, e.g. correct controls or study duration over 4 days) concerning the effectiveness and security of low coal hydrate parliamentary allowance. In accordance with the result of this Meta evaluation there is no reference to the effectiveness of low coal hydrate parliamentary allowance, e.g. the Atkins Diet and its kinds of play (JAMA, volume of 289 No. 14, April 9, 2003). According to newer investigations the Atkins Diet functions actually in as much as the pro gangs lose weight, but not because of the conversion of the metabolismus to keton, but because the pro gangs reduce on their part their food admission and thus fewer calories to itself take. Possibly the concerning come due to the char-hydrate-poor food with the Atkins Diet in former times to a saturation feeling; the course-round-lying biochemical mechanism is however still unclear. It is assumed that the very containing protein nutrition is for this verantworlich during the Atkins Diet. The nourishing science assumes that a ketogene nutrition can lead to different health trouble, among other things kidney insufficiency, liver damage, acne and blockage. In addition it comes frequently at the beginning to strong, unpleasant body smell, because a part of the Ketone is breath over the lung. The "Atkins Nutritionals Inc. created by Dr. Atkins 1989." a fast growing company, which millions of humans "low the carbohydrate lifestyle" used up themselves, is supplied with a broad pallet by appropriate products.